Casa Mayan Family

(Familia de la Casa Mayan)

In the year of 1934 after a decade of living in various housing in Auraria, Ramon and Carolina Gonzalez purchased a home at 1020 9th street, the oldest clapboard house built in 1872 by Dr. William Smedley.

The Gonzalez family of 1020 9th street shared many skills and interests in the arts, but it was their generosity and love of people that made this home a refuge and gathering place for many. By 1946 the family home “evolved” into the Casa Mayan restaurant, renowned for its hospitality, music, and authentic Mexican cuisine it introduced to the Anglo and international communities.

The Casa Mayan also served as a cultural center where many clubs originated. Besides being “the place” for prominent Denverites, the restaurant was a hub for many well-known national and international artists, musicians, writers, athletes, politicians, and architects. The Casa Mayan closed in 1974 by the Urban Renewal Authority. 

Most importantly, the Casa Mayan was able to bridge social, cultural, and economic barriers at a time when divisions among many groups was common.